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Embrace Your Possibilities.


ME30 is an earth-friendly lifestyle brand inspired by the Mediterranean ambiance.



We continuously strive to achieve a harmonious balance between elegance quality and sustainability.


Our Team's collective enthusiasm for life encourages us to have an overall positive impact on society.


As we know that what we did achieve today may be irrelevant tomorrow.


This eagerness is reiterated through our motto —

“Becoming is better than being.”




❛❛ An Earth-friendly Way ❜❜



ME30’s mission is intrinsically associated with the bond it shares with the earth.


Right now our planet needs our commitment and contemporary lifestyle brands cannot stand aside.


From our commitment to eliminate precious metal and natural stones due to the negative consequences of precious metal mining, which is one of the most destructive types of mining, to the selection of our partners and suppliers who share similar values.


ME30 is determined to bring the necessary change in our jewelry industry to be a natural earth-friendly.







❛❛ ME30 Meaning  ❜❜




stands for the Mediterranean. The azure sky and ocean in Medsea comprise the dream destination for many modern people who are most often busy in their day-to-day lives. As a serene place, where harmony between beauty quality and sustainability can be found everywhere, it offers an escape from the daily routine. It facilitates a profound journey toward finding your own peace and reminding you to be your authentic self




stands for four E-values, which reflect our steadfast commitment to society. We are building ME30 to grow these four e-values —Earth Friendly, Easy-to-Wear, Equality, and Elegance — with you.




30 The number 30 represents our team commitment that every 30 days (every month) we are implementing positive change (big or small) towards our E-values, we aim to grow as a better brand and people, because we whole-heartedly believe in our motto — “becoming is better than being.”








❛❛ ME30's Four E-Values   ❜❜




Earth Friendly


Right now our planet needs everybody's commitment, and lifestyle brand cannot stand aside. We at ME30 from the careful selection of each material, process, and collaboration with selected suppliers, we aim to have an overall positive impact on our planet.  


We are committed to eliminating the use of precious metal. 


Waste of mining were generated 65 billion tons per year. ( Kaliz Et al., 2022) Precious metal mining in particular gold is one of the most destructive types of mining. It caused both environment and human impacts which include :   

▸ Producing hazardous waste in air and water 

▸ Endanger the ecosystem and biodiversity

▸ Bring conflict between local community and capital

▸ Permanently harm the natural landscape (United Nation, 2022 )


We took the challenge to work with titanium and steel 316L in all our product  which have very low impact in our environment  and have even better characteristic than gold and silver regarding durability and allergy.


We uniquely use handcrafted organic pearls 

In order to protect our ocean we just refuse to involve in pearls farming and use uniquely organic handcrafted pearls. 






Our designers team spare no efforts to create product to fits the modern way of life of our customers , from office work to outdoors activities each of our items can be wear without worrying about wearability and durability,

All products have passed the EU standard test to secure a comfortable, safe, and allergy-free wearing experience. Our 10-year warranty will grant you freedom from the worries of breaking it. We believe that a jewelry piece must enable you to show your true colors without any limitations, no matter when or where.






ME30 believes in fair opportunity regardless of individual differences, we aspire to build a model organization that recognizes the merit of each individual contribution beyond position, education, or background. We ardently believe in being responsible to society with you and our supplier’s support. As a long-term partnership aligns with our expectations of one another, we aim to provide the highest quality at a fair price to you without harming the interests of our suppliers.






Fashion may fade, but elegance will remain. Elegance starts with self-confidence and uniqueness. We create every piece to be your companion and grow with you to be a better person. The beauty of a jewelry piece is derived from the day with which you share special memories, every single item is developed to support and beautify your own elegance and not overshadow it, the story that you have created together, and a journey of self-exploration. This is exactly how you showcase your elegance.