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Earth Day Selection|Buy Two Get 12% Off

Join a lucky draw for free order by choosing "E-Packaging"!

Earth Day Selection|Buy Two Get 12% Off

Join a lucky draw for free order by choosing "E-Packaging"!

Earth Day Selection|Buy Two Get 12% Off




ME30 sources raw materials at a worldwide scale for acquiring better quality materials that are earth-friendly.


We promise that we will never stop to pursue better choices.


This is because we wish to eliminate the usage of precious metals and stones, owing to their tremendous cost to our planet. 


"20 tons of ore are required to produce enough gold for a single engagement ring, and release 10 tones of the toxic waste to produce enough gold for the same ring."

Sustainable E-packaging

Content: Sustainable E-packaging

Suitable for: I care about the well-being of the earth, and I hope that my purchase can serve multiple functions.


In order to extend this idea of the sustainable concept for people, society and the environment play the role, the brand designer spent more than nine months looking for packaging materials suitable for the brand and friendly to the environment, and we found this eye-catching choice!


The packaging material is made from pineapple, which symbolizes good luck. The sweet and sour taste has always been an excellent match for chefs and gourmets. With the efforts of Dr. Carmen Hijosa and his team, now pineapple has a new life of being a leather used to replace PVC materials.


Pineapple leaves are recycled and made into Piñatex®. The entire fabric has more than 72% environmentally friendly pineapple fibers. After a series of ISO fabric tests, its fabric tension and color adhesion have excellent performance. 


Earth Friendly Piñatex® the pineapple fiber leather material is blended with the classic blue that symbolizes the brand, showing a steady tone of calmness, simplicity and elegance. The easy-to-wear cross-body design is the promise of the brand Easy to Wear. The delicate design shows Elegance. Choose an environment-friendly, daily friendly lifestyle!

*Carbon emission information: Each meter of Piñatex will reduce 12kg of CO2 emissions (source- https://www.ananas-anam.com/)

Gift Box Packaging

Contents: ME30 jewelry box, ME30 drawstring bag

Suitable for: It is my first time to buy ME30 accessories and I hope to send a gift with exquisite packaging to friends and families.


We believe your carefully selected gift is loaded with love and best wishes to your beloved ones, and we hope our products can make them feel special and loved!



To be friendly to the environment and to reduce packaging, from now on, the packaging will no longer include ME30 branded paper bag.

If you need a paper bag, you can choose one from the shopping cart. Let's reduce the packaging and care for the earth together.


Less-plastic Packaging

Content: ME30 drawstring bag

Suitable for: I have purchased ME30 accessories for many times. This time, I opt for an environmentally friendly way for this order. 


Thank you for being with ME30 all the time, and we are also grateful for your care for the environment. It is the good choice of low environmental impact for a better future.