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Jewelry Materials



ME30 sources raw materials at a worldwide scale for acquiring better quality materials that are earth-friendly.


We promise that we will never stop to pursue better choices.


This is because we wish to eliminate the usage of precious metals and stones, owing to their tremendous cost to our planet. 


"20 tons of ore are required to produce enough gold for a single engagement ring, and release 10 tones of the toxic waste to produce enough gold for the same ring."


ME30 believes that good design can maintain a good balance between people, nature and society. We select lab-grown diamonds to create bright and lustrous accessories. 

In order to present products that conform to the concept of Earth Friendly, we selected the quality lab-grown diamond that is created in a high-tech laboratory where simulates the diamond formation environment. The lab-grown diamond is formed in the laboratory with high temperature and high pressure to imitate the growth environment of real diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds are backed up by an IGI certificate. ME30 can provide you with the IGI certificate issued from Belgium for 0.30 CT lab-grown diamond products.



Earth-friendly Synthesized Pearls | E-pearl 


Currently, we use organic synthesized pearls purchased from Spain and Austria.


These pearls are manufactured from inherited century-old craftsmanship and coated with layers of organic extracts from the ocean.


Without harming the mother of the pearl and reducing a lot of mining labor, ME30's E-pearls have a unique color and texture that are comparable to that of natural pearls.


They are long-lasting and are backed by a 10-year warranty.




Eco Vacuum Plating 


ME30 adopts vacuum plating technology that meets the high standards of EU testing, as it has long-lasting color fastness.


This, in turn, prevents skin irritation, and our customers are able to wear high-quality jewelry freely and comfortably.


Most importantly, vacuum plating is a new method that results in ZERO water and air pollution — common concerns that had been posed by the traditional polluted plating method earlier. 




Low Carbon Stainless Steel


ME30 uses stainless steel row 316. ME30 stainless steel is consistently blown, with high and low-temperature characteristics, and it can be adapted to multiple scenarios.


Higher density, longer wearing time, and less frequent use are some characteristics of low-carbon stainless steel.


The stability of stainless steel material ensures that it can be comfortably worn even by those who have sensitive skin.