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Sweetheart Special|$520 off for every $4500 on featured items.

Spend $3000 above to enter the draw for Häagen-Dazs voucher (Taiwan only)

Loyalty Program

※ Please note: 
1. The total of eligible spending within one year will exclude the shipping charges and canceled orders
2. Birthday Bonus Points will be issued on the birthday and can be used within 30 days.
3. The return orders and exclusive gift orders cannot be considered as eligible orders.
4. Please fill in correct e-mail address, name, address, and phone number when signing up as a member. If the order information is inaccurate, we will temporarily cancel the membership.

Member Benefits


A. Membership


After signing up on ME30 official website or providing customer information at the directly-operated stores, you can upgrade to a "basic member" and enjoy lifetime free shipping (except cash on delivery). Membership levels and points are only available on the official website, and Not applicable to other sales channels.


B. Membership tier


ME30 has 4 membership tiers listed below. After signing up, you will be assigned one of the tiers according to the spending threshold met based on the completed orders within 1 year (excluding shipping fees and canceled orders):


▻ Basic Member: The first tier of membership will be assigned from signing up on ME30 official website. As a basic member and above, you can enjoy free shipping on domestic orders.

▻ White Pearl: The second tier of membership will be assigned once the spending threshold meets NT$8,000

▻ Cloud Pearl: The third tier of membership will be assigned once the spending threshold meets NT$18,000

▻ Grey Pearl: The fourth tier of membership will be assigned once the spending threshold meets NT$32,000


※ Before June 2021, members who ordered from ME30 official website and provided customer information have been upgraded to their membership tiers based on the total of eligible spending.


Birthday Bonus Point


"White Pearl" members or above in the birthday month will enjoy the exclusive "Birthday Bonus Points" for each specific level, which will be issued on the birthday and can be used within 30 days.


Points Reward and Instructions


A. For each order through the official website, Basic Member tier and above enjoy reward point program. For every NT$100 spent on ME30 official website on each order over NT$1000, you can earn 1 reward point. Reward points will be credited to the member account within 7 working days after confirming the order and completing the payment.


B. Reward points can be used when ordering from the official website, and every point equals NT$2 in cash-back rewards on next purchase. Reward points can be redeemed up to 40% of a single order.


C. Members are also allowed to use the reward points to redeem products listed on "Gifts Redemption". ME30's official website will launch exclusive gifts for members from time to time.

Membership Upgrading & Downgrading Rules


A. The membership of each tier will take effect through ordering from ME30 official website. When the eligible spending reaches the threshold, the upgrade will be completed within 7 working days after the payment of the order is completed, and the upgrade points will be issued on the 1st of the next month.


B. Membership validity is 1 year from the upgrade date (12 months from the upgrade date)


C. When the membership validity period of each membership tier expires, the corresponding membership level and membership rights will be renewed for one year (12 months from the upgrade date) according to the eligible spending amount within the membership validity period; If the spending threshold of any membership tier is Not reached, the original membership will be restored to Basic membership after the expiry of the original membership period; however, the unused points will be held in your account until you redeem.


※ME30 reserves the right to change membership rewards program at any time. Please follow the announcement from the official website accordingly.